The Cost of Hearing Aids

The cost of a hearing aid is largely dependent on the technology and research that go into creating the device. The research behind the production of high-quality hearing aids is extensive and laborious. It’s estimated that materials (mircoprocessors, microphones, etc.) turn out to be about ten percent of the final cost for some hearing aids. As already briefly mentioned, much of the cost is derived out of the research. It takes a large team of experts to come together and develop cutting edge technology that fits in the ear. Consider the team players necessary for developing a small but powerful listening device. There will be an audiologist, electrical engineers, computer programmers and musicologists. A powerful device such as a hearing aid requires expert insight from a variety of fields.

The Digital Edge and Hearing Aids Today

We’ve come a long way from archaic models that only amplified volume levels. Today’s models come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. In fact, many models today are custom-fitted to your ear and utilize wireless listening technology. Where in years past people would be stuck with large, clunky pieces, today’s hearing technology is much more user-friendly.

Digital hearing aids have exploded onto the market in the last few years and it’s for a good reason. Though more costly, digital hearing aids offer a number of features that improve the user’s hearing experience.

- A core benefit associated with digital hearing aids is the potential for increased audibility of sounds of interest.

-Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) reduces the intense frequencies cluttering the background.

-Digital Speech Enhancement (DSR) improves the sound quality of particular segments of speech.

Hearing aids have become more sophisticated than your everyday computer. They’re capable of a wide range of functions, beyond even the above mentioned information. The remarkable research and effort put into creating these devices is uncanny. As technology continues to grow, we’ll be sure to see new innovative ideas and techniques in the world of assisted hearing.