With over a hundred years of business, Oticon was founded on the philosophy, People First. Through a compassion for people and a deep understanding of the importance of healthy hearing, Oticon strives to make life fulfilling for its customers. Over a century later, compassion remains a core concept and driving force behind Oticon. While many large companies are controlled by a board of corporate executives, Oticon is controlled by the Oticon Foundation, a charitable organization. Maintaining their esteemed compassion and penchant for innovation, Oticon continues to be on the leading edge of assisted-hearing technology and service.

Oticon believes that every hearing solution should be uniquely personalized to the particular wearer. Allowing audiologists to program their patient’s hearing instruments ensures a level of control previously unseen in assisted hearing technology. Oticon recognizes and respects the value of customizing hearing aids. With more options in product and product-potential, those suffering from hearing loss will benefit greatly from Oticon’s People First philosophy. This kind of mindset ensures that all customers are treated with respect and care – consumers can be confident that they’re getting a intelligently engineered piece that provides a clear and comfortable solution.

Through providing interesting solutions like a hearing diary, Oticon proves again and again that they think about the customer. Electronic and printable hearing diaries are a great method for users to understand their hearing equipment. The information recorded in the diary can help an audiologist narrow down the perfect customization settings. After all, customization should not be limited to adjusting bass and treble. Oticon includes a wide range of changeable options that maximize each individual’s hearing experience. This kind of option is a display of customer service that is unparalleled in the world of audiology. Users are actively able to establish their devices for perfect performance.