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NexGen Hearing has made the process of assessing your hearing level easier than ever with our three user friendly options. Simply click on one of the choices above and you'll be on your way to better hearing!

Click the 'on-line' Hearing Test link above, to conduct your own FREE hearing test using your computer, tablet or smart phone device. We've also launched the first-ever Free Virtual video. Enjoy a Free video consultation with a NexGen hearing professional. Simply click on the link above to schedule your session. A Customer Care Representative will contact you shortly with an appointment time. You'll love the convenience of this video conference via a secure platform designed by Medeo™. 

You can also use the form on this page to schedule an appointment at one of  our clinics in British Columbia. This assessment is the most comprehensive and includes the following 3-point series of tests.

The 3 Point Hearing Test:

  1. Air conduction
    Clients listen to tones of decreasing volume to identify softest that is audible. This measurement of hearing loss is done separately for the right & left ears.
  2. Word discrimination
    Clients listen to words presented to each ear. They cannot see the presenter’s face to lip read. This gives idea of clarity of one’s hearing for speech.
  3. Tympanometry
    We test to find out if the eardrum and middle ear system is working properly. This way, we can be sure to know if the hearing loss comes from the middle ear or from the inner ear.