Mixed Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be the result of many factors, including damage to the outer or inner ear. When there is damage to both the outer (or middle) ear and the inner ear, the result is mixed hearing loss. This is a combination conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss, and can range in severity from mild to strong.

What causes mixed hearing loss?

The causes of mixed hearing loss vary widely. Environmental issues (loud noise), genetic factors, normal ageing process, and even medications lead to sensorineural hearing loss. Early signs of such loss include difficulty hearing normal conversations, especially if there is additional background noise. In some cases, understanding speech may be impaired even if the volume is not an issue.

How do we treat it?

Treatment of mixed hearing loss is dependent upon the factors causing the loss. After professional diagnosis, patients may be treated with a combination of medications, surgery, hearing aids, or a bone conduction implant. A bone conduction implant is an effective treatment for mixed hearing loss because it totally bypasses the conductive element of the hearing loss and needs only to address the sensorineural element.

If you suffer from any hearing loss, consult a health professional immediately. Hearing loss leads to other complications, including a loss of social interaction and even depression.The earlier you reach out for help, the sooner your quality of life improves. Gather all the information and make the best decisions for your situation.