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At NexGen Hearing, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality devices to enhance their listening and communication activities. Always on the lookout for the best solutions for our patients, we are excited to be able to offer access to Oticon OPN, the latest hearing aid from a leader in the field. With Oticon OPN, complex listening environments are accessible to your full appreciation and participation.

Oticon OPN is a revolutionary development in how hearing aids operate. Current hearing aids focus on directionality and emphasize speech enhancement for persons situated directly in front of the wearer. However, as we all know, the real world offers many more complex listening environments, often with multiple speakers and other important sounds being generated from multiple locations. A focus only on persons directly in front of one’s self limits social interaction, conversation, and interaction to a degree that can actually cause isolation, confusion, and withdrawal. However, with Oticon OPN operating on the new Velox™ platform, users can hear better, gather speech from sources around them, and participate in multiple conversations more actively.

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We know that important sound sources can be dynamic and unpredictable. Much current hearing aid technology closes down all surrounding sounds to focus only on those speech sounds in front of the listener. This directionality is, by its nature, limiting and, as a result, the brain fails to get the requisite information needed to focus, sustain, and switch attention in real-world conditions. In complex listening environments, directionality can result in confusion, fatigue, and an inability to participate in conversation.

Oticon OPN with the Velox™ platform handles multiple speakers while providing access to important background noises that affect the entire sound environment. Background noises, typically cancelled out by most hearing aid technologies, are now available to the user, but these noises are not distracting or disturbing. These enhancements give the brain the best information to make decisions and results in less effort, greater understanding, and more active participation in real world social environments. If you are ready for the next step in hearing aid technology, you owe it to yourself to explore the wonders of Oticon OPN.

How It Works To Open Up The Sound Environment

NexGen Hearing is proud to offer its patients access to the revolutionary Oticon OPN hearing aid technology. Oticon OPN allows users to operate successfully and more confidently in real-world, complex sound environments. These advancements are made possible with a combination of technological innovations that support how the brain works and leads to less effort, more recall, and better understanding.

Oticon OPN operates on the new Velox™ platform, which is 50 times faster than previous hearing aid technologies. This speed, combined with 64 frequency channels, ensure the best sound clarity for the listener. These improvements allow wearers to enjoy a complete experience where all sounds are available, but not distracting or intrusive.

The aid’s OpenSound Navigator scans the entire sound environment 100 times per second. The aural information gathered instantly separates into speech and other noises, with additional information as to position of sounds, its level, and relative frequencies. The Spatial Sound LX system offers more precise location of a sound’s origin, helping the brain make the best sense of these sounds. All of this information is combined to create an acoustical portfolio of the entire sound environment. This improved acoustical portfolio means sounds can be separated, appreciated, and attention can be more easily switched as needed. All of this adds up to less effort, more recall, and better understanding.

The Oticon OPN supports user-friendly interactivity with smart phones, tablets, televisions, and other devices. Wearers can control volume and other functions through free apps. Additionally, it is the world’s first hearing aid with direct connectivity to the Internet, allowing even greater control over other digital devices. The aids themselves can be used as a wireless headset so phone conversations become more effective and less stressful.

We strive to provide our customers with access to the best solutions for their hearing-related problems. We are confident that the Oticon OPN offers revolutionary technology not available elsewhere. These technological breakthroughs eliminate directionality and open up the world to users. Join us today as we usher in the next stage of hearing aid technology.


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