Nexgen Hearing offers a variety of financing options to facilitate the purchase of hearing aids;

1. Lease-to-Hear TM Program As one of the first hearing aid retailers to offer a leasing program, we’re delighted to provide a complete range of hearing aid styles and technology levels within this program. Depending on your requirements, a hearing device customized for your lifestyle will be fitted for you for as little as $59 per month! This package includes our ongoing support services. For further details see our Lease-to-Hear program.

2. 12 months at 0% interest Our in-house financing option allows you to purchase hearing aids with a minimal 35% down payment, followed by 12 equal installments at 0% interest on the remaining balance.

Hearing Assistance Programs

Extended Benefits

Your employer's insurance plan may also include an annual or bi-annual subsidy for hearing aids for you and your dependents, to cover some or all of the expenses related to the purchase of hearing aids.

Our in-house donation program (Hear4U)

Our clinicians donate their time to fit one financially deprived client per month with a used hearing aid donated by previous clients for this purpose. This program supports our commitment to never turn anyone who is hard of hearing away without help.

The Ministry of Social Development

If you are receiving social assistance or taking part in an Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities (looking for work, training program or at risk to lose job due to hearing loss), the Canadian Government will pay for hearing aids and in some cases a supply of batteries.

Some clients may qualify for 3rd party coverage for hearing aids by the following organizations:

Veteran Affairs Canada

Based on VAC policy, qualified veterans, former and current members of the Canadian Forces (CF), former and current members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), as well as their dependents, survivors, and some civilians, qualify for VAC health benefits.

Please see this page for details on the application process.

If you have a condition called tinnitus (ringing in the ears) you may also be eligible for a tinnitus pension.


WorksafeBC provides compensation for individuals who experienced hearing loss while on the job. Benefits and qualification varies between the provinces and territories. Each province or territory has varying policies based on the level of hearing loss that has occurred, on the job hearing loss, and eligibility for compensation. A NexGen Hearing consultant can advise you on the appropriate application process and supply the application forms.

First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB)

If you are eligible for FNIHB Non-Insured Health Benefits (status card), hearing aids and accessories is one of the covered benefits for you and your eligible dependents.

As a registered vendor, a NexGen Hearing consultant will advise you regarding your eligibility for these programs. If you are accepted following the application process, we will prescribe and fit you with appropriate amplification within the terms specified by third party programs.