At NexGen Hearing, our audiologists and hearing instrument specialists have developed strategic working relationships with physicians in our communities. Like you, we strive for a holistic approach to our patient's health care.

We're proud to work with hearing instrument manufacturers that are leaders in the research and development of the highest quality hearing solutions.

Our services include:
  • Free hearing tests for your client.
  • Comprehensive audiological report with test results and recommendations. 
  • Follow up report on client progress when fitted with hearing aids. 
  • Hand held hearing screener for your clinic.
  • Otolaryngological information sessions available with local ENTs.
  • Pioneering video consultation software for client consultations at home.
  • Hearing information displays and brochures available for your clinic. 
  • Easy access to our reference source web page for physicians with USB easyButton.
  • Easily fax referrals to our clinics using your current EMR software. 
  • Physicians with a diagnosed hearing loss are qualified to receive a complimentary pair of hearing aids for demonstration. 
We also offer our COSI compensantory program (Client Cost of Scale Improvement).
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Tablet and phonesHP Tablet with
Connect to Online Hearing
Test directly with USB

Universal Hearing
Intended for screening
purposes only. Provided to
Physicians for pass/fail.
Universal Hearing Screener
is not a diagnostic device.

USB easyButton
Provides a direct web link to
our Physicians page and our
Online Hearing Screening Test.

Pocket Talker
Communicate with a hard
of hearing patient quickly
and easily.

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pocket talker