ReSound Hearing Devices

Many people still view hearing aids as the plastic relics from the past – clunky molds with a single dial for volume adjustment. Times have changed – gone are the days of over-sized ear pieces. The advent of the modern day hearing aid is mostly due to companies like ReSound. Resound has been dedicated to manufacturing hearing aids with high quality sound since 1943 and now they’re incorporating that technology with today’s smart phone. In fact, ReSound’s hearing devices are making global news.

The ReSound LiNX

The ReSound LiNX hearing aid incorporates wireless capability and personalization with the style of modern-day technology. In short, the LiNX is smarter than your average hearing aid. This device communicates with phones or tablets, allowing users to customize their settings and establish a more personalized hearing experience.

The LiNX sets itself apart from other models in the industry because it’s more than a hearing aid. Essentially, the LiNX functions as stereo Bluetooth headphones, allowing users to make phone calls, Face Time Chat, listen to music, watch movies and more. Never before has a hearing aid connected users to their smart phones in this way.

Key LiNX Features:
- Frequency compression
- Powerful Chip
- Moisture and debris shield
- Binaural directionality

In addition to the above listed features, the LiNX brings stellar customization options. While many hearing devices offer customization, the LiNX actually allows users to adjust settings via their smart phone or tablet. Settings can be configured according to the environment and needs of the listener. When users are not receiving audio from their tablet or smart phone, the LiNX functions as a normal hearing aid.

The ReSound LiNX is a match for over 90% of all types of hearing loss. This is great news for the more than 36 million people in America who suffer from some form of hearing loss.