Siemens Hearing Aid Products

A veteran company in the world of listening technology, Siemens introduced their first piece of innovative hearing technology over a hundred years ago. It was in 1910 when Siemens created their first line of hearing aids.  In fact, Siemens began helping people manage their hearing loss even before they developed the electronic hearing aid. Siemens core philosophy and ideals were  established in 1878, when Werner von Siemens improved telephone receiver’s sound quality because his wife was hearing impaired. Since then, Siemens has been a company dedicated to creating unique and progressive listening technologies.

Having helped people with hearing loss for over 130 years, Siemens has become the largest and most innovative manufacturer of hearing instruments in the world.  It’s estimated that nearly 1/5 of all hearing aids used is a Siemens. Because of their high-quality product and dedication to the technology of assisted hearing devices, Siemens is considered one of the premiere hearing aid manufacturers, a company who prides themselves on advanced technology that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style.

Siemens hearing aids are innovative

Siemens listening technology has given users remarkable sound for decades. With a number of reliable hearing solutions, wearers can be confident that their Siemens product will be stylish and of the highest quality. Siemens offers a wide range of hearing aids, including pocket hearing instruments and wireless accessories.

Through their extensive research and motivation, Siemens has always made sure the customers have the highest priority. As a result, Siemens hearing solutions range from the very-small and discreet to the totally invisible – Siemens has designs that are a great fit for the most active of lifestyles. As technology continues to grow and change, Siemens forges ahead with newer innovations and designs, ensuring that their customers continue to get the highest quality product.

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