ReSound LiNX2: New Technology for Hearing Aids

Technological enhancements have affected almost all aspects of the health care industry. More specifically, the increased access to smart phones and mobile devices has provided patients with numerous ways to manage and control their health and medical devices. The hearing aid industry is no stranger to these improvements. Recently, industry leader GN ReSound of Denmark introduced the LiNX2, a state-of-the-art hearing aid what works with the iPhone. 

The LiNX2 provides a natural and advanced hearing experience with all the advantages of smart technology. These advantages include apps, fine design, improved connectivity, and greater control over the listening experience. Users can access phone and FaceTime calls, adjust audio settings, and realize improved listening all from the ReSound Smart App for their phone. 

ReSound LiNX2 builds on previous ReSound technology to provide a tool from hearing-impaired users to be more in control of their listening environment in an increasingly interconnected, mobile world. Additionally, using their Spatial Sense technology, ReSound LiNX2 users get a greater sense of where sounds originate. Users can also experience direct stereo sound streaming from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without the need for any additional devices. These improvements provide a tool that is customizable for a variety of user needs and at a variety of cost points.

ReSound LiNX hearing aids small, streamlined, and attractive. The hearing aid devices connect to the iPhone through the hearing aid menu in the phones settings menu. Once connected, users configure the free ReSound Smart app to manage their device. Users can adjust volume, treble/bass, and even have saved settings for particular locations such as the office, in the living room, or a favorite restaurant. Other features include a locater in case you misplace the aids and the ability to stream music or other audio features from your smart phone directly to the hearing aid, thereby eliminating the need for ear buds.

Since hearing loss is emerging as a major health concern for an aging population, more and more folks will be dealing with this issue. Some estimates are that as many as 900 million persons worldwide will deal with hearing loss within the next 10 years. Given those numbers, these new technologies look increasingly essential for modern life. 

ReSound recognizes this emerging market and designed the new LiNX2 in close collaboration with Apple. Of course, all this stylish excellence comes with some costs, but for the end user the price is worth it. In fact, there are great options available to lease this cutting edge technology using NexGen's Lease to Hear Program. This program allows people to forego the upfront costs of hearing aids and instead begin connecting with their environment with an affordable monthly leasing program. By making advanced hearing aid technology available to all persons, the NexGen Lease to Hear program is improving the lives of the hearing impaired as well as the lives of their loved ones, colleagues, and friends. The combination of good technology and sensible access via a leasing program makes sense for all parties involved and gets the technology in the hands of those who need it.


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