NexGen Hearing: Victoria Oak Bay

The Oak Bay clinic was the first NexGen Hearing clinic to open its doors in February 2012. It has been a very exciting and important time in my life and one decision that I do not take lightly. Since the start of my own business, I felt it was a wonderful opportunity to extend my passion & belief in educating each and every client I see about hearing health & hearing loss, especially in a day and age where we are seeing hearing loss happening at a younger generation. I strongly believe in building a trusting relationship and a delightful experience for my clients from the moment they walk in my clinic and are greeted at the front desk to the time they leave. Listening to their needs, being honest, compassionate, educated and professional is a key for all my staff in building that trust. It is important for our clients to know when they purchase a product from my clinic, they will also receive exceptional, friendly service for years to come. We strive on the fact we have a strong relationship with the doctors in our building and the surrounding area and refer to them when necessary to ensure our clients are receiving the proper medical attention for their hearing concerns.


Testimonial – An Honest Assessment on Their Performance Under the Most Adverse of Conditions

I was asked by Selene Finlayson when I first received my NexGen Hearing Aids, if I would be willing to give an honest assessment on the performance of my Hearing Aids. Little was I to know that when I returned to Saskatchewan, I was about to experience one of the worst Fire Seasons in our Province’s history.

Selene with clients7471

"I had two clients come in separately today,
one appointment after the other, and they
both brought me in flowers to thank me and
my staff for such great service! I was so
touched by their sweet gesture and felt so
blessed to know that I am making a positive
difference in the world." -Selene Finlayson

Our Lease to Hear Program

Lease to Hear 0515

Our Lease to Hear Program gives you the opportunity to get the best device for the price that best suits you. Your lease package includes: free hearing test, free repairs, battery replacements & more!


402 - 1990 Fort Street,
Victoria, BC V8R 6V4
Tel: 250-598-9884
Fax: 250-598-9883
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Lunches: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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Selene Finlayson, RHIP
Registered Hearing
Instrument Practitioner

For most of her life Selene grew up around the hearing industry. Her father, Marke Hambley, started his first hearing clinic in Victoria in the early 1970's, when she was a young child. Through the years growing up, she observed her father assist many people improve their quality of life through better hearing. He started to expand his business throughout Vancouver Island; hence "Island Hearing Services" began.

Kate Stuart
Registered Hearing
Instrument Practitioner (RHIP)

Kate joined the NexGen Hearing team as a Customer Care Representative in November 2012 after spending time volunteering with Selene Finlayson in the first NexGen clinic. Kate qualified as a Hearing Instrument Practitioner in 2015 and is assisting at the NexGen clinics in Oak Bay and Fairfield, Victoria.