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Custom Hearing Aids

Working with You to Select
Custom Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing aids, there’s really no such thing as one-size-fits-all. It’s not just about size, of course, but the overall anatomy of your ear(s) as well as your levels of hearing loss. After taking hearing assessments with us, we’ll work with you to identify which custom hearing aid products will work best for your particular needs – including sound, style and streaming connectivity.

While the paramount goal is to help you hear better, we recognize that the “right” hearing aid for you means a good fit, an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and, nowadays, connectivity options for devices.

Custom Hearing Aids: How-To’s

Turn your hearing aids on and off
Custom Hearing Aid: Battery Replacement
Custom Hearing Aid: Left versus Right
CIC Hearing Aid: Insert and remove
ITE Hearing Aid: Insert and remove
Change the wax guard: Cerustop
Change the wax guard: ProWax
Change the wax guard: SmartGuard

A Personalized Approach to Finding Your Hearing Aid Solution

At NexGen Hearing, we have a depth of experience with a vast array of hearing products, and we’ve helped people with varying degrees and complications of hearing loss. That enables us to offer custom hearing aids with a personalize approach, assessing your hearing, asking the right questions and narrowing down your hearing aids so that we can identify what will work best for you.

People with hearing issues across BC count on NexGen Hearing professionals for custom hearing aids that help restore hearing – and look and feel great in the process. Find out how a NexGen Hearing clinician can help you!

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