Anyone who’s owned or been familiar with hearing aids, eyeglasses and similar devices know that they can be quite expensive. So you may be hesitant to possibly throw away your previous glasses, your grandma’s old hearing aids, and etc. without putting them to any more use. But don’t worry- there are actually several options for you to donate these things so that those who need them can benefit.

As far as hearing aids go, these are especially expensive, so donating can be extremely helpful to those who can’t afford brand new, custom ones. There are a few great organizations/ programs available for this. The Lions HARP program (Hearing Aid Recycling Program) is a nonprofit that gives refurbished hearing aids to those who can’t afford them otherwise. Similarly, health care provider Hear More Canada has a program- the Help Others Hear More Hearing Aid Bank. Seek out some of these programs when you have old hearing aids from yourself or relatives that no longer need them. You can greatly help those in need in this way.

For eyeglasses, the Lions Club also has a way for you to donate. All you have to do is find your local LERC (Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center) and drop off your old glasses. Volunteers will take over from there and give them to those who need them, in communities that normally can’t afford them. Other types of medical equipment and aides you may have, like wheelchairs, walkers, and etc. can be donated as well. You can give these to several different kinds of organizations, or even stores like Goodwill. The Canadian Red Cross will also gladly accept equipment of that kind, as well as canes, shower chairs, and more.