Bluetooth Hearing

What Is Bluetooth? What Are
Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used for sending data between devices over short distances using radio bands. Nowadays, bluetooth can be used to connect many devices to each other. The most common application for bluetooth today is to connect wireless headphones to mobile devices or computers, however it has thousands of other applications currently in use.

Just as bluetooth allows people to connect their wireless headphones to their devices, certain models of hearing aids allow you to connect to your phone, television, or computer. Bluetooth hearing aids will allow you to stream audio from a wide variety of sources right into your ear, for personalized listening with better sound quality.

What Can Bluetooth Hearing Aids Do?

Bluetooth hearing aids represent one of the most important advancements in hearing aid technology in years.
Depending on the model of bluetooth hearing aid, there are a wide range of things bluetooth hearing aids can do,
such as:

Hearing aid repairs

Using Cellphone apps

Your bluetooth hearing aids will allow you to use your favourite cellphone apps, while hearing the clearest sound. They work with applications such as Zoom, giving you crystal clear audio while you use your apps.

Hearing aid repairs

Using as a remote microphone

In loud settings such as a busy restaurant or bar, you will be able to use your mobile phone as a remote microphone. This will help you better hear those you are talking with, making nights out more enjoyable.

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Video Streaming

 If you stream tv shows on your telephone or tablet, bluetooth hearing aids provide better sound quality than if you were to play it over the speaker, with complete control over volume.

Clinic hearing test

Working with remote control

With the help of a smartphone app, many bluetooth hearing aids allow you to switch between programs, change settings, and adjust volume without having to remove your hearing aid.


TV watching

If your TV has bluetooth, you can connect it with your bluetooth compatible hearing aid to enjoy clearer audio. Your bluetooth hearing aids will allow you to enjoy your favourite shows and movies with friends and family without having to put the volume too high.


Personalizing settings

Those wearing bluetooth hearing aids can control sound by adjusting volume and pitch, creating custom presets for specific environments in locations such as parties, restaurants, concerts, or sporting events. Switching between presets is quick and easy.

Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids
for Me?

Hearing aids have become smaller, smarter, sleeker, and more sophisticated. Bluetooth hearing aids give you freedom to more comfortably enjoy activities and entertainment which were previously challenging with more traditional hearing aids. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to be able to take advantage of bluetooth hearing aids, they are designed to be intuitive and simple to use.

On top of the ability to connect to devices which allow you to enjoy movies, tv, and mobile apps, bluetooth hearing aids give you more control over your hearing experience. Even if you don’t use your mobile phone for much beyond calls, bluetooth hearing aids give you increased control over your hearing aid settings, making it easier to adjust them without having to remove them. If you think bluetooth hearing aids are right for you, contact one of our Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioners. We will help guide you to the right hearing aid solution.

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