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Hearing Aid Service
and Repair

When Hearing Aid Repair
Becomes Necessary

From time to time, hearing aids require service or repairs. While today’s hearing aids are built stronger and better than ever before, they are not infallible. Sometimes a hearing aid can encounter technical difficulties and require service for adjustment or repairs. Many hearing aid repairs are minor and can be performed in one of our NexGen Hearing clinics while you wait. In some cases, the hearing aid repairs that are required will necessitate being sent out for repairs. If that’s the case, we are more than happy to provide you with a hearing aid device or set of hearing aids as a loaner until your hearing aid repairs are completed and sent back to the NexGen Hearing clinic for you to pick up.

The hearing aid experts at NexGen Hearing want you to be able to hear the sounds of life without interruption. Should you need hearing aid repairs, please book ahead at one of our conveniently located NexGen Hearing clinics in BC.

Hearing Aid Repairs Under Warranty or Out of Warranty

In many cases, the hearing aid repair to be performed would be covered by the warranty from the hearing aid manufacturer. If this is the case, we will let you know ahead of time that the hearing aid repair would be performed at no cost to you. In other instances, either the hearing aid warranty has expired or the nature of the hearing repair is beyond the scope of the maker’s hearing aid warranty. For any hearing aid repair performed at one of our conveniently located NexGen Hearing clinics across BC, we will let you know up front the estimated cost of repair for your hearing device(s).

Your audiologists or hearing aid expert at NexGen Hearing will be happy to discuss your hearing aid repair options with you. To find out more and book your hearing aid repair at a NexGen Hearing clinic in BC near you, use the contact form further down this page.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does hearing aid repair take?

If minor repairs are possible, we can often perform these types of hearing aid repairs at our NexGen Hearing clinics and hearing aid repair centres while you wait. Or if you are in need of more extensive hearing aid repair, we’ll send the hearing device(s) out and loan you a new hearing aid device or set as needed. We want you to continue hearing the sound of life around you.

What if my hearing aid is beyond repair?

When you visit a NexGen Hearing centre for hearing aid repairs, we will do everything within our powers to repair your hearing device. If minor repairs are possible, we’ll make these repairs at our clinic. If it takes longer, we’ll send it out for repair and give you a loaner hearing aid. Sometimes hearing aids are broken beyond repair or they have reached the end of their designed product life cycle. In these cases, we will advise that repairs are either too expensive and not worth the while, or that hearing aid repair isn’t a viable option. Our goal is to be 100% transparent with you, so that you can feel good about continuing to hear the sounds of your world.

Are hearing aid repairs covered under warranty?

Every hearing aid manufacturer has a different set of warranty terms and conditions. Hearing aid warranties can vary from maker to maker and even from device to device within the same manufacturer’s hearing aid offerings. At NexGen Hearing, our hearing aid specialists are familiar with the various hearing aid warranties, and we will let you know whether your hearing aid repairs are covered by warranty and/or how much your hearing aid repairs will cost BEFORE you agree to having us perform your hearing aid repairs.

Doesn’t the NexGen Hearing repair specialist have an incentive to get me to buy new hearing aids?

While it is true that we offer hearing aids at NexGen Hearing, BC’s leading network of hearing centres, we want our hearing aid clients to have good hearing most of all – and to be happy, satisfied customers with us for the long haul. When the time comes for you to get a new hearing aid, we’re here to assist you and let you know your full array of hearing aid options. If your hearing aid is fine as it is, either needing some minor repairs and/or serving your current level of hearing loss well, we are happy to send you on your way and see you next time for a follow-up. At NexGen Hearing, we do not want to sell people something that they don’t need. Our goal is to provide BC residents with the best care and options for their hearing.

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