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The Victoria View Royal Hearing Clinic is a full service and full-time hearing aid and hearing health centre. We pride ourselves on helping our clients who might be experiencing tinnitus, muffled hearing or possible hearing loss. There are many types of hearing loss including sensorineural, conductive or even a mixture of these conditions. A hearing test at Victoria View Royal NexGen Hearing can determine the nature and degree of your hearing loss. We offer free hearing tests, a 21 day no-money down trial, 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee and will price match any valid competitor quote or advertised price on the same make and model of hearing instrument. You can expect us to deliver the highest level of professional hearing aid care at every level. We build strong relationships and gain trust with our clients. We encourage family members to take part in their loved one’s journey to better hearing. At Victoria View Royal Hearing Center we are delighted to be a part of this vibrant community, and look forward to meeting you!

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*Exclusions to free hearing tests include: pediatric hearing tests, employment requirement testing and specialized testing requirements. 

Michelle Ayot

Michelle Amyot


Michelle joins the NexGen Team as a bilingual Registered Clinical Audiologist and Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner in the province of British Columbia with almost 20 years of hearing health care experience. She received her Masters degree in Audiology (1999) and her Bachelor of Science degree cum Laude in Biology (1996) from the University of Ottawa Health Campus.

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Michelle started her career as a Clinical Adult and Pediatric Audiologist as part of the Infant Hearing Program Team at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, Ontario. Being part of several multi-disciplinary Clinical Teams, she had the opportunity to work with a multitude of families, professionals, agencies and community members as part of the Health Care Circle based on family-centered care principles. She has worked with adults, seniors, infants, young children and individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by providing audiology and amplification services as well as continuing support in addressing their hearing related needs. In addition to her time with the Hotel Dieu Hospital (a teaching hospital), she was also an Adjunct (Group 1) academic instructor – a member of the academic staff in the Department of Otolaryngology at Queens University. She routinely taught medical students during their Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) rotation.

In 2011, Michelle moved to Wakefield, Quebec and worked in a multidisciplinary Private Practice Clinic before living overseas and then moving to BC. In BC, she was part of the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) BC Early Hearing Program performing AOAEs and AABR in NICU and Mother Babe units.

“I became an Audiologist because of the amazing way our Auditory cortex is able to analyse the electric impulses coming from our cochlear hair cells and transform them into sounds. As we hear with our brain and not our ears, the advancement of technologies has improved hearing aids abilities to stimulate our brain, revolutionizing the way we are now able to hear.”

Michelle is a longstanding hockey player and an avid photographer. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family surfing, hiking and/or exploring the beaches of Tofino/Ucluelet, BC. She is happy to be part of the Clinical Team at the NexGen Hearing Clinic and looks forward meeting you all and your families.

Michelle Ayot

Rachel Lam


Rachel enjoys many aspects of being a hearing healthcare professional, especially the ability to help patient’s communication with loved ones and improving their quality of life by hearing the world around them. She is also interested in learning about the advancements in hearing assistive technology and implementing them into the individual needs of each patient. Dealing with a hearing loss can be a big adjustment and change in someone’s life and she looks forward to being a guiding and helpful voice for her patient’s, along with the rest of the team at NexGen Hearing. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, family and soaking in the beautiful surroundings of the West Coast.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids in Victoria View Royal

How do I control my hearing aid?

There are different methods to control your hearing aid, one modern method is through your smart phone. Hearing aids with Bluetooth can connect to any Bluetooth compatible device such as phones, computers and more.

Talk to your NexGen Hearing Audiologist for more information on Bluetooth compatible models.

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

Here, at the NexGen Hearing Center in Victoria View Royal, we help you every step of the way in deciding if a hearing aid is best for you. We will conduct a free hearing test to determine if you currently have hearing loss. Once the hearing test has been completed, we will help you ascertain how much your hearing loss (if any) is affecting your daily life and/or activities. If you can’t hear as well as you could in the past several aspects of your life could be impacted. Hearing loss can gradually increase without us even realizing, which lends weight to the idea of consistently having your hearing checked.

Our Victoria View Royal audiologists are experienced in treating a variety of levels of hearing loss and their effects. Don’t go another day wondering if your hearing could be improved. Let our experts help you improve your hearing to its highest levels.

I have hearing loss in both ears, is it necessary to wear two hearing aids?

There are a number of advantages of using two hearing aids instead of only one. The primary benefits are the more natural listening experience, better directional hearing, and the increased ability to separate voices from noise. Using two hearing aids will maximize their effect, and give you the best experience possible when using hearing aids.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aid prices vary from several hundred dollars up to a few thousand, and it all depends on the advancement of the technology used in each device. Affordable hearing aids as well as more expensive options come with different features. You can think of hearing aids as coming in levels of “gold, silver, or bronze.” If your listening needs are simple, it just might be that even the most basic hearing aid is enough for you. If your life is more active and you find yourself wanting to hear better in more active and noisy listening environments, then a more sophisticated level of hearing aids features will give you more benefit. NexGen Hearing also offers financing options to help you with an affordable option to improve your hearing. Learn more about our lease to hear financing and other hearing aid financing options.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

The life of a hearing aid’s battery is impacted by many factors such as the hearing aid model, battery brand, battery technology, and how the device is used. The model of the hearing aid is integral in determining the life of the battery. Some hearing aids are better than others in relation to battery consumption while others offer features that will more quickly drain a battery. Batteries come in four common sizes (10, 312, 13, 675). Based on a 16 hour day of wear, the average lifespan for a standard battery is listed below:

  • Size 10: 3 – 7 days
  • Size 312: 3 – 10 days
  • Size 13: 6 – 14 days
  • Size 675: 9 – 20 days

If you prefer, rechargeable hearing aid batteries are also available for certain models of hearing aids that greatly improve the ease of replacing your batteries. Consult with your Victoria View Royal hearing aid practitioner for additional details.

Victoria View Royal Client Reviews

Sheena Pennie
Sheena Pennie
22:28 10 Apr 19
I'm so grateful that Dr Clark, my ENT specialist, recommended me to Nexgen Hearing View Royal. It changed my life!
Caro Martinez
Caro Martinez
05:06 16 May 18
Marshall Janzen
Marshall Janzen
03:59 17 Oct 19
What a great experience! Considerate and knowledgeable staff made the whole process of testing to hearing aids painless and personal. Thank you!
John Neely
John Neely
20:57 05 Nov 18
I just want to thank everyone at this NexGen hearing facility. The staff was always professional, courteous and patient.When you first hear the expense of hearing aids you wonder how these little ear pieces could be worth this much money. Once you wear them and go back for the fine tuning you quickly realize that service you will get over the term adds a lot of value.I had no idea how bad my hearing was and how much it affected my quality of life.I am very happy with my decision.
Rhonda Underwood
Rhonda Underwood
19:35 12 Aug 20
Michelle and her staff are wonderful. Friendly, helpful, caring and very, very knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble and she doesn't quit until perfection is reached. Wonderful. Thank you
Peter Such
Peter Such
01:04 03 Oct 20
It's so encouraging to realize there are services out there who display a genuine interest in helping people first and foremost rather than increasing their bottom line. Michele and her staff are genuinely interested in satisfying their customers needs and wants. The "extras" they gift you with, like little Xmas presents, come with no charge every time you see them. Such a good feeling to know you are in the kind hands of highly empathetic professionals whose main joy is seeing you happy and satisfied. Their patience and concern is endless. No sense of rush here!They know they are giving you the best equipment (made in Denmark) that exists. As an over eighty hearing deficit newbie, I could not believe what a new lease on life Next Gen, in View Royal, has given me. Thank you, thank you, thank you M. and P.
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Types of Hearing Loss

There are different kinds of hearing loss including sensorineural, conductive or even a mixture of these. A hearing test at Victoria View Royal Hearing Clinic can detect the nature and degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss between 16-25 dB is considered minimal and amounts to lightly plugging each ear with your fingers. The next category is mild hearing loss (26-40dB), which can result in not hearing the ends of words, or not hearing short words clearly. It might be challenging to separate background noise from speech in this category, and hearing aids are typically recommended for this level of hearing loss. Moderate hearing loss (41-55 dB) can make phone conversations challenging and cause as much as a 50% decrease in the understanding of speech from beyond a five foot radius. This level of hearing loss can lead to a sense of seclusion and disconnection. If symptoms are worse than these, you could have severe or even profound hearing loss. This can result in serious quality of life concerns. Some people can struggle with high-frequency hearing loss (1500Hz-8000Hz), in which speech and most other sounds will be perceived as loud enough, but speech will be unclear. Background noise will make the issue even worse. The more recent style of hearing aids, consisting of open fit and receiver-in-the-canal, would be most beneficial for high-frequency hearing loss. These models permit low frequency sounds to enter the ear canal as they normally would while amplifying the higher frequency sounds to aid in speech clarity.

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