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Give yourself more, Oticon MoreTM. More balance, more meaningful sound, and a more comprehensive sound scene.


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Designed to Support How Your Brain Naturally Works.

With Oticon’s most advanced microchip ever, Oticon More™ has learned to recognize all types of sounds across varying listening environments, giving you the most natural hearing experience.
Using cutting-edge technology, Oticon More™ provides a complete sound scene that adjusts in real-time to your dynamic sound environment. Hear sounds like never before!

Contact us to learn more. Book your no-obligation consultation and demonstration today, and ask about how you can try it free for 21 days.

Less Time Charging and More Time Connecting.

A full day’s charge in three hours lets you spend more time connected to what’s important to you, and not to the charging base.

The super-fast charger can fully charge your hearing aids in three hours or provide you with an additional six hours of power after a 30-minute charge.

Oticon More’s next-generation connectivity to smartphones delivers high-quality sound streaming from iPhone® and Android™ devices, as well as providing you with a wide range of additional connectivity options, so you can connect to the devices and people that mean the most to you.

Do You Want to Learn More?

Oticon More™ allows you to experience the full sound scene in all its richness. Download the product brochure to discover the benefits of this exciting new technology.

What Can You Expect From NexGen Hearing?

When you visit a NexGen Hearing clinic, you will be treated by a professional consultant who passionately cares about one thing: helping you experience an improved quality of life through better hearing.

At NexGen Hearing, we service all makes and models of hearing aids. No matter where you purchased your hearing aids, our clinicians are happy to help you get them working their best!

At NexGen Hearing, we offer a 90-day trial period for your new hearing aids, and there is no money down for the first 21 days, so you can always feel confident in the choice you make!

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

HELENE SUNDBERG Any time I have an opportunity to talk to someone about hearing aids, I always recommend they go to NexGen Hearing with a long list of WHY you are the best choice! Thank YOU for your unbelievable service, support, and helping me in so many ways during the most challenging time in my life. I am so grateful and appreciative.
TONY PARSONS Today I’m wearing hearing aids and yes, I admit now that I needed them years ago. Much to my surprise they are so helpful, discreet and quite comfortable. I spent years as a broadcaster with a hearing device in one ear; maybe that had something to do with my hearing issue, one I steadfastly denied. NexGen Hearing really cares about your hearing health.
MIKE BENNETT I went through five different Hearing Instrument Practitioners with little success. I was ready to give up when I met Andy Rolleman (of NexGen Hearing Chilliwack). I was immediately impressed because he was the first Practitioner to really listen to what I was saying and made the effort to understand what my problems were. He has resolved all of my concerns and continues to keep me hearing things I missed for forty-five years of my life.

The NexGen Hearing Promise.

At NexGen Hearing, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional service and value experience.

We endeavor to meet your every need, and to help you to fully understand our products and service options.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction, and do everything in our power to ensure you are happy with the choices you make, or your money is cheerfully refunded.

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