As hearing loss increases across the baby boomer population, the need for diagnosis and treatment is also growing. NexGen Hearing is a business that has recognized this need and developed a company that is professional and efficient. In the past two years, NexGen has grown from a company with two clinics on Vancouver Island to a company now with 15 clinics on Vancouver Island and an additional 8 more on the mainland. This growth is a reflection of NexGen’s commitment to providing Canadians with high-quality service and care.

John Charley, NexGen’s owner, understands that hearing loss is growing with the wave of baby boomers. Charley is a practitioner with over 15 years of experience. He has guided NexGen to success, but there is still a stigma about receiving treatment for hearing loss. Unfortunately, any delays in diagnosis and treatment can lead to worse hearing loss and the other social and cognitive issues associated with hearing loss. These other issues include depression, social isolation, and even dementia. While aging is a primary cause of hearing loss, Charley also acknowledges the increase in self-inflicted hearing loss. This loss is often the result of loud music, prolonged connectivity to ear buds, and lack of ear protection when around loud noises.

Early intervention is the best approach to curbing the negative effects of hearing loss. NexGen offers comprehensive screening and testing services. Once a hearing issue is identified, then appropriate treatment can be initiated. If this treatment includes hearing aids, NexGen offers a wide-variety of devices meeting many needs. To reduce anxiety or apprehension about treatments, NexGen offers a free 90-day period for hearing aids. The goal is to motivate people to seek screening and treatment. The earlier one identifies the problem and takes charge of their treatment, the quicker they can return to a productive and enriching life.


Source: Times Alberni Valley

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