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PerfectClean Hearing Aid dryer and disinfectant machine


PerfectClean washes away ear wax, uses heat to remove moisture and a UV-C light to disinfect.

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PerfectClean – The first system to clean, dry and disinfect hearing aids

  • PerfectClean is specially designed for the safe and effective earwax removal, cleaning and drying of all types of hearing instruments.
  • Simply place your hearing instruments in the PerfectClean and 1h later, the aids will be totally cleaned, disinfected and dried.
  • PerfectClean works with a specialized washing cartridge which lasts for approx 45 cycles.
  • The cartridge contains an antibacterial solution that disinfects and removes ear wax.

Benefits :

  • Effectively removes earwax from hearing aid devices
  • Helps to prevent irritation
  • Maintains optimal performance of hearing aid devices
  • Easy to Use

Contains: 1 box with 1 PerfectClean, 1 wash cartridge, 1 user guide, 1 power supply.