Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes


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MG Development provides a wide range of products to combat virus and bacteria spread. MG Development manufactures and offers many products, that are certified for Medical Devices, designed for clinics and patients to clean and disinfect hearing aid devices, countertop surfaces, as well as any other product they could use daily (mobile phones, Laptops, etc.).

Tests have proved that MG Development products will eliminate 99% of bacteria, prevent infections! 

Keep your hearing aids clean and germ free 

Cleansing wipes: (BTE/Openfit/ ITE)
Easy to use, they are also ideal for a quick cleaning or while traveling. The cleaning wipes contain a surface-active agent (bactericide solution) which is effective in removing earwax, without causing damage to hearing systems. Formulated with a specific agent approved for disinfection in medical offices and hospitals, these wipes allow the user a quick, easy and efficient method of removing bacteria, viruses, and earwax from their hearing device.

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30 wipes, 90 wipes