While we cannot gain back the hearing that we lose, we can take action in order to ensure we keep our ears as healthy as possible. 

1. Drink a Glass of Skim Milk Everyday

Milk is proven to keep your bones healthy. This is especially true for bones in your ear, specifically the cochlea. A study of 70 healthy women revealed that those with hearing loss had weaker bone strength than those with normal hearing.

2. Sweet Potato Goodness

Sweet potatoes are a reliable source of vitamin A, a vitamin known to help your hearing. According to animal studies, a lack of vitamin A can increase the ear’s sensitivity to noise and increase the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

3. Help Your Partner Stop Snoring

A night full of somebody’s heavy snoring could be damaging your ears. Try consulting with a doctor to come up with good remedies. In the meantime, maybe sleep in separate rooms.

4. Drive Safe – Avoid Collisions

Driving safe can save your life and your ears. British researchers have found that an airbag’s deployment can be loud enough to contribute to hearing loss. Not surprisingly, head trauma is also a major cause of hearing loss.

5. Eat Veggies

When researchers explored the connection between lifestyle factors and sudden deafness in 109 patients, they determined that those who consumed the most amount of vegetables were least likely to develop sudden deafness.

6. Get a Doctor to Clean Out the Wax

Sometimes we just need to get rid of the wax buildup. Don’t try prodding things into your ear canal, as this can quickly become a negative. A quick doctor visit will help keep your ears healthy and your hearing sharp.

7. Don’t Listen to Headphones too Loudly

If you’re blaring your head phones, you’re hurting your ears. While it may be fun to crank up that new disco album you bought, maybe turn it down a few notches.

Keeping your ears and hearing healthy is an important objective to ensure you do not experience hearing issues later. Furthermore, gene therapy for hearing loss has improved recently and could soon be providing relief for those afflicted with hearing loss symptoms. 

Source: Reader’s Digest

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