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Want more resources and information on your Hearing Health?

Download the Hearing Health Guide

If you’re trying to decide what to do about your hearing loss, or just looking for more information, we’ve put together this handy guide to give you some ideas and options to take control of your hearing health. You will also receive emails with additional resources and updates to assist you.

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What’s included in the guide?

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Take control of your hearing health.

How do I know if I have hearing loss?

What is noise-induced hearing loss?

When should I have my hearing tested?

What to expect in a hearing test?

What is a Registered Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Practitioner?

Case study: Gerry Cotter’s transformative experience.

The pros and cons of hearing aids.

What type of hearing aid do I need?

5 tips on how to adjust to your new hearing aids.

What if I already have hearing aids?

What Can You Expect from NexGen Hearing?


When you visit a NexGen Hearing clinic, you will be treated by a professional consultant who passionately cares about one thing: helping you experience an improved quality of life through better hearing.

At NexGen Hearing, we service all makes and models of hearing aids. No matter where you purchased your hearing aids, our clinicians are happy to help you get them working their best!

At NexGen Hearing, we offer a 90-day trial period for your new hearing aids, and there is no money down for the first 21 days, so you can always feel confident in the choice you make!