No matter if you were born with or developed hearing difficulties, feeling as though you aren’t a part of society or the lives of your family and friends can be tough.

But luckily, hearing aids are available to provide some help when it comes to understanding and hearing the world around you. In this article, you will learn a few of the pros and cons of hearing aids, and you will learn how NexGen Hearing can help you with your hearing difficulties and better understand how hearing aids work


Hearing aids are great for those who have trouble communicating with those around them. Because they help you better hear the conversations around you, you can be more of a presence around the dinner table and in the office, as you will be able to effectively listen and respond appropriately to your friends, family, and coworkers.

Another great reason to use a hearing aid is that they have become more versatile than ever and can be selected so that they fit your lifestyle needs. For example, hearing aids don’t have to look ugly or be extremely bulky. Technology has advanced in such a way that hearing aids can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles that can fit your everyday needs.

Lastly, hearing aids can be a great way to improve your education. Many children who have hearing difficulties may not realize it and can end up falling behind in school because of an issue they were born with. Using a hearing aid can lead to improved education which will later lead to better college and job offers for the sufferer.


One of the disadvantages of using a hearing aid is a possibility that it might be uncomfortable for the wearer. The comfort will depend on the style and type that you purchase, which will depend on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and communication requirements. That’s where a hearing Aid Professional can help with selection, type, size, and comfort.

Lastly, unless you have a hearing aid that is implanted into you, you run the risk of losing it. This can be a problem mostly in younger children and older adults who can’t remember as easily.  Retention strings and GPS in the hearing aids can help reduce the risk of loss.


NexGen Hearing offers a variety of hearing solutions to people all around British Columbia. Some of the options include the IIC (invisible in canal) which is a discreet solution; the CIC (completely in canal) which is also a discreet solution; the RIC (receiver in canal) which is worn behind the ear; and the ITC (in the canal), a custom-made hearing solution that is formed by an impression of your ear.

For more information on some of the hearing solutions offered by NexGen Hearing, visit and join the sound revolution. For further assistance, you can call 877-606-6671.