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NexGen Hearing is recognized as a leading hearing healthcare care provider in British Columbia. Our skilled clinicians have changed the quality of life for hundreds of Canadians suffering from hearing loss.

Our success and affiliation with Mainland Hearing has resulted in significant growth during this time, resulting in the establishment of 35 clinics on Vancouver Island, the Vancouver lower mainland and the BC interior. Our team of highly skilled specialists are passionate about enabling people to re-connect with the world around them and strive to find the best possible solution for each and every client. We take pride in the fact that every hour of every day someone’s hearing improves as a result of the work we do. At NexGen Hearing, we're part of something bigger.

At NexGen Hearing our audiologists and hearing instrument specialists have developed strategic working relationships with the physicians in our communities - as we strive to for a holistic approach to your complete health care. With a strong focus on research and development our hearing instrument manufacturers are leaders in the development of the highest quality hearing solutions.

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Why Choose NexGen?

We know you have choices in this growing marketplace – however we invite you to make NexGen Hearing your First Choice for hearing care.

Professional services: We provide Free hearing testing and recommend the best care options based on your specific test results, budget and lifestyle.

Better Hearing Challenge: No money down - 21 day introductory trial, plus an additional 69 day money back guarantee.

Qualified staff: Trained to national standards, our Audiologists and Hearing professionals are all certified by the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia.

Advanced technology: Precision testing and tailor-fitted hearing aids, including digital technologies and innovative solutions from invisible (in-the-ear) to ergonomic behind-the-ear aids.

Accessibility: Our proud affiliation with Mainland Hearing gives you access to 35 clinics in BC.

Contact NexGen Hearing today find out more about our services and how we can help you. Book an appointment online for your free hearing test* and ask about our 21 Day Challenge.


  • "Gradually, subtly, the ringing in my right ear diminishes until it’s gone entirely. I find myself pawing at my left ear periodically, trying to clean away whatever deadens its ability to collect sounds..

    If there’s improvement, it’s undetectable. I can’t adjust to deafness in the ear. It makes me feel off-balanced and defenseless to my left. Blind even. My head keeps turning to the injured side, as my right ear tries to compensate for the wall of nothingness where yesterday there was a constant flow of information. The more time that passes, the less hopeful I am that this is an injury that will heal." -Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games.

    The above passage, in which Katniss, the main character in the popular trilogy The Hunger Games, described her hearing loss jumped out at me. Her concerns were my own. I felt obstructed, off-balanced and defenseless.

    Restaurant conversations and the quite voices of small children elude me. Routine athletic movements became frustratingly difficult to perform, and street noises – traffic, machinery, sirens etc. – were disorienting. When I finally pursued diagnostic and my suspicion – that I had diminished hearing in one of my ear – was confirmed, I was devastated. However, the friendly and the capable staff at NexGen Hearing alleviated my concerns about my ability to communicate effectively again. It was a relief to know that there was a straightforward solution; a small, almost undetectable device which would significantly improve my ability to fully participate in life.

    Selene at NexGen, was very supportive and reassuring throughout the process of testing and filling me for a hearing aid; she was thorough in her examination, empathetic with regards to my personal experience and a real confidence-booster throughout the trial period of working with and wearing the device.

    My quality of life has been restored, thanks to Selene and my new hearing aid. To anyone experiencing the frustration and confusion of hearing loss, I highly recommend Selene and her staff at NexGen Hearing.

    Carole Kruse

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  • My anxieties towards wearing a hearing aid were put at ease very easily with Selene's calm compassion and extensive experience.

    Exceptional service and experience has me coming back to Selene for my hearing aids. Selene's calm compassion and extensive knowledge put me right at ease from the very first appointment. From the test to selecting the devices, Selene is precise and professional - in my recent experience Selene offered a level of service that goes beyond the call of duty - a service and a comfort that has me committed to Selene as my hearing aid specialist for many years to come.

    Her knowledge on the various devises simplified my final decision - all the best on your new venture Selene.

    In addition to her outstanding services, her assistant Darlene, is a compliment to the service who always welcomes you with a smile.

    Zahir N. Mohamed

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  • Just a short note to thank you for the care I have received dealing with my hearing.

    You have always been ready to help me with any problem I have had and when fitting me out with new hearing aids you have always ensured that they were adjusted to my satisfaction. It is clear that I have selected the the best Hearing Instrument Practitioner.

    Alan Christie

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