Lease your hearing aids for all the right reasons.

We understand the upfront costs of hearing aids often results in people delaying or declining the purchase of a hearing device. In our continuing effort to help more people connect with their environment, we are pleased to be the first to offer a Hearing Aid Leasing program in British Columbia. This unique program offers a complete range of hearing aid styles and technology levels. Depending on your requirements, a hearing device that is customized for your lifestyle will be fitted for you for as little as $59 per month! This package includes our ongoing support services.


This package allows you to improve your hearing capability while maintaining your budget. These devices allow you to enjoy life in environments where there is light to moderate ambient noise. This level of hearing aids is ideal for: One on one conversation, home activities, TV and telephone use. These devices also allow you to: 

Hear soft and low noises that are more difficult to discern, such as the "s" or "sh" sounds.
Hear more high-pitched sounds such as children's and ladies' voices or even the sound of birds singing!
Hear and participate in conversations in slightly noisy environments.
Feel comfortable about the safety of your device during daily activities thanks to its water and dust resistance.


Our clients’ most popular choice, these superior quality products enable you to experience the little pleasure in life that have escaped you of late. This package offers exceptional quality with better performance in difficult listening environments such as: Meetings, crowds and public places, understanding passengers while driving. These devices offer the same advantages as the standard package, in addition to allowing you to: 

- Hear surrounding voices as the device automatically adjusts to your environment. It also adjusts itself in noisy situations to ensure your comfort.
- Participate in conversations with people not directly across from you (in a car or bus, for example).
- Converse with someone in public place by honing in on their voice while blocking ambient sounds.
- Avoid being surprised by loud noises.


For our clients who demand the best. This package offers the same advantages plus added features for better performance, such as: In restaurants, social events, live theatre and conferences, auditoriums, listening to music. These devices deliver the same great benefits as the other two packages, plus allow you to: 

- Hear clearly in a calm environment, understand someone when there is noise and be comfortable in a noisy environment, all of which happens automatically as the device adjusts to your surroundings.
- Not be disturbed by echoing sounds in places where there is resonance (for example in a church, auditorium, or warehouse).
- Take full advantage of the outdoors, even in windy weather. The device is designed to reduce wind noise.
- To activate a program that captures the dominant voice from all directions and that reduces ambient noise.

  * A one time non-refundable activation fee of $125 will be billed upon registering for the lease program.

Get the device you need at a price that best suits your budget. Your lease package includes:

- Free Hearing test and diagnosis
- Follow up counseling
- Free battery replacement
- No fee maintenance
- Free repairs
- Optional device upgrade after 36 months
- Rechargeable aids and/or Bluetooth Options

Our Lease package allows you to better manage your hearing health. Don't let hearing loss slow you down! Lease your hearing aids and keep on enjoying life!
Contact the location nearest you for details.