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The Kitsilano Hearing Clinic is a full service and full-time hearing aid and hearing health centre. We pride ourselves on helping our clients who might be experiencing tinnitus, muffled hearing or possible hearing loss. There are many types of hearing loss including sensorineural, conductive or even a mixture of these conditions. A hearing test at Kitsilano NexGen Hearing can determine the nature and degree of your hearing loss. We offer free hearing tests, a 21 day no-money down trial, 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee and will price match any valid competitor quote or advertised price on the same make and model of hearing instrument. You can expect us to deliver the highest level of professional hearing aid care at every level. We build strong relationships and gain trust with our clients. We encourage family members to take part in their loved one’s journey to better hearing. At Kitsilano Hearing Center we are delighted to be a part of this vibrant community, and look forward to meeting you!

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Samaneh Anna Yekta

Verna Lee


Verna joined NexGen Hearing in December 2019 as a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner. She has worked in various areas of medical care for nearly 20 years, with a strong emphasis on patient care. She is thrilled to be able to improve her patient’s quality of life and achieves this by treating them as a friend or family member. Her motto is: “You Hear, I Listen.” When Verna is not in the office, you can find her performing Flamenco dancing routines in town, which she loves!

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Sinead Waters

Sinead Waters

Customer Care Representative

Sinead Waters joined the NexGen Hearing team in March 2019 after emigrating from Dublin, Ireland in December 2018. In Ireland, Sinead worked as an HR Training Manager for a nationwide, family-owned pharmacy group in which she oversaw all aspects of training and development for over 400 employees. She enjoys working in the healthcare sector as she can make a difference in people’s lives. People will forget what you say, forget what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel! In her spare time, Sinead enjoys exploring Vancouver and travelling to new places.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my hearing tested?

Hearing loss impacts everyone differently and can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons. Age-related hearing loss occurs due to changes in the structure of your inner ear although changes can also occur in your middle ear. As such, the National Campaign for Better Hearing recommends a baseline hearing test at 60 years of age, although a baseline hearing test is recommended to serve as a reference point at any age.

After your initial baseline hearing test, if you are 60 years or older, you should have your hearing tested on an annual basis. You can have your hearing tested for free at the Kitsilano Hearing Clinic. Schedule your free hearing test with us today.

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

Here, at the NexGen Hearing Center in Kitsilano, we help you every step of the way in deciding if a hearing aid is best for you. We will conduct a free hearing test to determine if you currently have hearing loss. Once the hearing test has been completed, we will help you ascertain how much your hearing loss (if any) is affecting your daily life and/or activities. If you can’t hear as well as you could in the past several aspects of your life could be impacted. Hearing loss can gradually increase without us even realizing, which lends weight to the idea of consistently having your hearing checked.

Our Kitsilano audiologists are experienced in treating a variety of levels of hearing loss and their effects. Don’t go another day wondering if your hearing could be improved. Let our experts help you improve your hearing to its highest levels.

What are the best hearing aid brands?

Choosing the right hearing aid brand is very important to ensure your device is a reliable, effective, and safe. The best brand for you is often dependent on numerous factors relative to your specific situation. There is no one best brand of hearing aid as each case is different. That being said, choosing a well known and trusted brand within the medical community is a good path to take for peace of mind. NexGen Hearing partners with only the highest quality hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Resound, Phonak, and Oticon are only a few of our partners dedicated to providing you with the best hearing possible. Consult with one of our NexGen Hearing audiologists to find out which one works best for you.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aid prices vary from several hundred dollars up to a few thousand, and it all depends on the advancement of the technology used in each device. Affordable hearing aids as well as more expensive options come with different features. You can think of hearing aids as coming in levels of “gold, silver, or bronze.” If your listening needs are simple, it just might be that even the most basic hearing aid is enough for you. If your life is more active and you find yourself wanting to hear better in more active and noisy listening environments, then a more sophisticated level of hearing aids features will give you more benefit. NexGen Hearing also offers financing options to help you with an affordable option to improve your hearing. Learn more about our lease to hear financing and other hearing aid financing options.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

The life of a hearing aid’s battery is impacted by many factors such as the hearing aid model, battery brand, battery technology, and how the device is used. The model of the hearing aid is integral in determining the life of the battery. Some hearing aids are better than others in relation to battery consumption while others offer features that will more quickly drain a battery. Batteries come in four common sizes (10, 312, 13, 675). Based on a 16 hour day of wear, the average lifespan for a standard battery is listed below:

  • Size 10: 3 – 7 days
  • Size 312: 3 – 10 days
  • Size 13: 6 – 14 days
  • Size 675: 9 – 20 days

If you prefer, rechargeable hearing aid batteries are also available for certain models of hearing aids that greatly improve the ease of replacing your batteries. Consult with your Kitsilano hearing aid practitioner for additional details.

Kitsilano Client Reviews

shirley Freedman
shirley Freedman
00:54 25 Jan 19
I would like to share my wonderful experience at NexGen Kitsilano. Dr Katarina went to great lengths to make sure that my hearing needs were met. I am so grateful for all that she has done for me. My life is so much better now that I can hear everything .
Dominique Prinet
Dominique Prinet
19:02 28 Jun 18
Highly recommended. Excellent service. Friendly and professional staff. The top-of-the-line hearing aid is amazing and well worth the expense.
Anwar Selo
Anwar Selo
18:44 12 Sep 17
Detailed. Thorough. Courteous. Kind. Professional. Dr. Katarina was helpful and great. Thanks!
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson
23:51 18 Nov 14
The worries and excuses you have about your hearing ("I don't think I need any help.... We can just turn the TV up louder..... If the people around me would not talk so loud, I would hear.... Will aids change my appearance, make me look old?") do not happen when you visit Katarina and Kirsten for a test. They are professional, friendly, and reassuring and, for good reason. I have had my aids for a few weeks now: No one notices them, the noise in restaurants no longer interferes with conversation, music sounds sharper, and my wife does not need to talk loud any more. The service for both batteries and advice is prompt and courteous. Care is taken in instructing you how to apply and look after these miniature aids. This means you are not constantly worrying -- put them in and wear them all day. They can change the quality of your life.
Ken Dunn
Ken Dunn
00:42 24 Jun 14
My new Oticon hearing aids are amazing, the sound quality is superb. Now, I am not asking everybody to repeat what they have said to understand them; and when I answer the phone I know who I am speaking with. These are a vast improvement over my last set. Thanks, Ken
Kenneth Beeson
Kenneth Beeson
21:44 05 May 14
My recent experience was positive in every respect when I got hearing aids at Mainland Hearing in Kitsilano. The testing and trial period went far better and more quickly than I expected, and the quality of my hearing as a result has been remarkably improved. I appreciated the careful attention Dr Vavrovicova provided in answering my questions clearly and explaining all aspects of the technology and medical issues that were being addressed by the hearing aids. I could not have hoped for better service or more professional attention to solving my hearing problems.
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Types of Hearing Loss

There are several different types of hearing loss including sensorineural, conductive and at times a combination of these. A hearing test at Kitsilano Hearing Clinic can clearly identify the type and degree of hearing loss you may be experiencing. A hearing loss of only 16-25 dB is considered to be minimal — similar to lightly plugging each ear with your fingertips. The next level is mild hearing loss (26-40dB) which can lead to not hearing the endings of some words, and sometimes missing shorter words altogether. With mild loss it can be challenging to clearly separate speech from background noise, and hearing devices are typically suggested for this condition. Moderate hearing loss (41-55 dB) often makes phone conversations a challenge, and can result in as much as a 50% reduction in the ability to understand speech from farther than five feet away. Moderate hearing loss is known to sometimes cause feelings of isolation and disconnection from others. If symptoms are more extreme than any of these mentioned, you could have a severe or even profound degree of hearing loss, which can cause major lifestyle issues. In addition to mild, moderate, severe and profound degrees of loss, some individuals also experience high-frequency hearing loss (in the range of 1500Hz-8000Hz). With this condition, while speech and most other sounds will be experienced as being loud enough, speech will be unclear and difficult to understand. Background noise will make this condition noticeably worse. The more recent types of hearing aids, which include open fit and receiver-in-the-canal designs, are very helpful with high-frequency loss. These allow the lower frequency sounds to enter the ear as they normally would, while enhancing higher frequency sounds to help significantly with speech clarity.

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