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NexGen Hearing Squamish is our full service and full-time hearing aid clinic located in the Chieftain Centre on Pemberton Avenue. Situated in the recreation capital of Canada, residents of the area typically put a high value on quality of life and quality of care, and so do we. We focus on education and teamwork to help patients choose and adapt to the wonderful current technologies available to them with a low-pressure atmosphere. We understand that strong relationships and trust are required of us by our clients and we embrace this. We are delighted to be a part of this vibrant community!

Dr. Amy Koza

Doctor of Audiology/Owner

Born and raised in Barrie, Ontario, Amy grew up excelling in academics and enjoying sports, it was instilled in her young the importance of work/life balance. While pursuing her passion for science and psychology via a Biology and Psychology Degree at York University in Toronto, a local ENT exposed her to the world of audiology while she was volunteering at his office. 

Full Bio

It was love at first site, and soon after obtaining her undergraduate degree in 2009 she moved to Brisbane, Australia to pursue a Master’s degree in Audiology Studies (M.Aud) from the University of Queensland (UQ) and graduated in 2011. Continuing education and professional development is critically important to Amy, her patients are aware of her love of learning, she is currently upgrading her Masters Degree to a Doctorate in Audiology with a pending graduation date of 2018.

Amy’s believes wholeheartedly that hearing is critically important to quality of life, and loves nothing more than enriching the lives of her patients by helping them regain the ability to communicate. Armed with an understanding that the challenges presented by hearing loss can be overcome with hearing aids and client centered counselling, Amy’s practice in Squamish is devoted to providing the mentorship and support her clients need to learn to live in a world with sound again. Amy has worked hard to foster a welcoming and open environment in her clinic; she wants clients to see NexGen Hearing as a safe and friendly space in which they and their families can feel supported. Prior to her practice in Squamish, Amy completed an internship in New Zealand where she was given the opportunity to work closely with Maori communities, an experience that provided Amy with a nuanced understanding of some of the unique health care challenges faced by aboriginal patients. Amy has subsequently applied this understanding at home, devoting herself to doing as much as possible to improve the quality of hearing care available in First Nations communities in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Amy adores Squamish and is grateful to be able to live a place that allows her to pursue her passion for outdoor sports. When not at the clinic, Amy can be found ski touring, mountain biking or rock-climbing. In addition to providing services to cope with hearing loss, Amy advocates for preventative care and encourages anyone susceptible to hearing damage to make an appointment to discuss solutions such as custom hearing protection.

Jocelyn Romano

Customer Care Representative and Audiometric Technician

Jocelyn joined the NexGen Hearing team in Squamish in 2015 as a Customer Care Representative. Born and raised in Squamish, she has grown up enjoying all the outdoor recreational capital of Canada has to offer. Jocelyn enjoys living in a small town surrounded by the mountains and is very pleased to have initiated her career in this same town.

Full Bio

Jocelyn completed her certificate as a MOA (Medical Office assistant) in 2016. She comes into the medical service field honestly, as many of her family members are in the same field, and this is evidence the second you meet her, she displays the qualities of customer service, efficiency, and diligence naturally, she runs our busy office effortlessly, and we know you will love her every bit as much as we do! Jocelyn’s ambitious nature let her to become certified as an Audiometric Technician in 2017, undergoing her training under Amy Koza. This enables her to test patients’ hearing, perform earmold impressions, perform performance checks on hearing aids, and service hearing aids. She greatly enjoys working in a clinical atmosphere; her job as a CCR and Audiometric Technician offers her the ability to run a clinic that minimizes paper and environmental impact, a passion of hers, as well as be involved in patient care. Jocelyn is a valued member of the team. You will look forward to her warm smile and friendly greeting when you visit our clinic.


1335 Pemberton Ave
Squamish, BC, V8B 0R1

Phone: 604.815.0808 Fax: 604.390.1833
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed: Monday-Friday 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

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