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Tsawwassen Hearing Clinic


Our Tsawwassen Hearing Clinic is located in the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall and offers full audiology and hearing center services. We pride ourselves on providing our clients in Tsawwassen hearing aids, exceptional care, and unrivaled service. Tsawwassen audiologists understand that strong relationships and trust are required of us by our clients and we embrace this. We encourage family members to take part in their loved one’s journey to better hearing. We at Tsawwassen Hearing Clinic are delighted to be a part of this vibrant community and look forward to meeting you and helping you with your hearing care!

Marius Nothling

Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner/Owner


With over twenty years experience in the hearing healthcare industry, Marius has amassed a wealth of practical experience and knowledge that has been instrumental in skillfully caring for his clients’ hearing care needs.


After completing his studies as an electrical engineer, Marius was drawn into the hearing healthcare industry as a hearing aid dispenser. Marius owned multiple hearing clinics as well as a hearing aid manufacturing laboratory in South Africa.

Marius emigrated to Canada in 2007 with his family and joined Island Hearing in Victoria as a hearing aid dispenser before opening his own hearing aid clinics. In 2014, BC Hearing Services joined the NexGen Hearing fold. At NexGen, Marius continues to fulfill his passion for helping provide solutions for those suffering with hearing loss.

Wendy Rops

Customer Care Representative


Wendy joined NexGen Hearing in April of 2017. She has 7 years of experience in the Hearing Health Industry, and she is passionate about helping others and making a difference in peoples lives. She finds working with such a dedicated team with the same mission is extremely fulfilling.


Wendy grew up in the sunny Okanagan and enjoys the beautiful beaches and outdoor lifestyle. The Tsawwassen area is the Greater Vancouver equivalent to that beach community that she knows and loves. Outside of work she can be found jogging, hiking, baking and laughing with family and friends.


111 – 1315 56 Street
Delta, BC V4L 2A6

Phone: 604.948.4822 Fax: 604.948.4821
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed: Monday-Friday 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Email: tsawwassen@nexgenhearing.com

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Client Reviews

Way better than my experience with Connect. Very impressed with Nexgen, very happy with Oticon hearing aids. Very professional staff. Good experience.
Alex Myers
Alex Myers
20:31 21 Mar 18
Excellent service! Would recommend to my friends and family.
Joan Stevens
Joan Stevens
20:33 21 Mar 18
I cannot recommend Marius too highly. He is very thorough both in the initial stages and in the follow-up. He pursues any initial concerns tenaciously until they are solved. And how can you go wrong with the help of such an able and cheerful assistant as Wendy? Thanks you both so much.
Peter Bayley
Peter Bayley
16:46 03 Aug 18

Don’t Live With Hearing Loss


doctor and couple - mobileAccording to Canadian Health Measures, hearing loss afflicts about 40% of our society in the age range from 20 to 79 years and nearly 80% in the age range 60 to 79 years.

But these statistics do not really reflect the true impact on those with even a mild hearing loss. As a clinician working with patients where I perform hearing tests daily and discuss the results with those patients, I am always struck by how much of the sound in their environments they are missing. Hearing loss often occurs so gradually over many years, that their reduced hearing simply becomes their ‘new normal’ and they are unaware of what they are missing.

At our Tsawwassen hearing clinic, we are able to simulate the patient’s hearing loss through a hearing loss simulator after testing which allows me and anyone present, to experience what it is like to ‘hear through the patients ears’ as it were. I can play a passage of speech or sounds at normal levels and then switch immediately to a hearing approximation of what the patient hears.

Even with a mild loss simulation, I am often a little astounded by what patients put up with. I immediately find myself ‘leaning in’ towards the speakers to compensate for the muffled sound which now requires much more concentration.

Now, at these mild hearing loss levels, a hearing aid may not be required yet depending on the individual’s daily activities and environments, but as certain critical thresholds are reached, the levels of concentration required or the ability to cope in more difficult environments becomes exhausting resulting at minimum in a gradual deterioration in quality of life or even worse, too tiring to put in the effort to hear. This can affect relationships with others too.


Every Patient is Different

Your hearing is a wonderful, complicated mechanism. I often get patients with hearing test results showing a loss that appears similar to another patient, but they have a very different hearing experience. When the time comes for fitting a hearing aid, even though they may have a similar hearing loss, the fitting and programming of the hearing instruments could vary significantly for a number of technical reasons that I won’t go into here.

I often find patients trying to compare their hearing loss or hearing experience with those of their friends or people they observe, but your hearing loss is individual to you and affected by a large range of factors that affect your personal hearing needs.

The first step is to get a free hearing test to determine whether you have a hearing loss and if so, what areas are affected. This is an important step, as self diagnosis can be very unreliable.

At our hearing clinic in Tsawwassen, we are passionate about providing a customized experience tailored to the patient.




What To Expect At Your Hearing Evaluation Appointment

After checking your ear canals, a hearing test in the spacious sound booth is conducted where you indicate if you can hear beeps at different frequencies at the lowest possible level for you. A variety of speech tests help determine your comfortable speech levels and also provide an indication of how well hearing aids may work for you if there is a hearing loss found. If any medical intervention is required, you will be referred to your GP with a report and test results for further investigation at that time.

Following the test, Marius will discuss the results and remedy options if a hearing loss is present. Based on these discussions, a suitable hearing aid and pricing level is selected by you for consideration.

At Nexgen Hearing, all our hearing aids come with a 90 day trial. For the first 21 days of the trial, you do not put any money down while you evaluate the hearing aids and see if you are getting benefit and like them. If you decide you want to move ahead with your new hearing aids, you pay for them at this time and then have another 69 days to return them for a FULL refund if you are not completely satisfied.

If you proceed with hearing aids, a fitting appointment is booked which takes approximately an hour, where the hearing aids are programmed for your hearing loss and fitted for comfort and cosmetics. You will be shown and practise inserting the aids, changing batteries, cleaning and operation of the aids as well as any accessories. A follow up plan is discussed and your next follow up appointment is booked.

Depending on your requirements and progress, a number of follow appointments will be booked to make any adjustments needed as your progress with your hearing aftercare plan and to ensure that you are managing well with your new hearing aids and accessories if any.



Pop In At Any Time

Our patients are welcome to pop in at any time from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm (we officially close from 12pm to 1pm for lunch – but you may catch us there 😊 for clean and checks, concerns or minor repairs – no appointment needed while Wendy takes care of you.

If adjustments with Marius are needed, you would need to make an appointment.



Locally Owned and Operated Hearing Aid Clinic

This Tsawwassen hearing aid clinic is owned and operated by Nexgen Hearing and Marius Nothling who lives locally in Tsawwassen. We provide hearing aids, repairs and servicing of all major hearing aid brands. We also provide free hearing tests, audiology services as well as custom hearing protection products, sleeper molds and alternative listening devices for the local Tsawwassen, Ladner and greater Delta area.

You will see our hearing aid screening events at local pharmacies on a regular basis both in Tsawwassen and Ladner We also work with local physicians to provide the best hearing care available.