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We are committed to improving the lives of people in Vernon to help them become better listeners, better hearers and better communicators at work, at home and in their relationships, by providing discreet hearing aid solutions. We want to educate our community of Vernon to respect their hearing, and do what they can to keep their hearing working at its optimum, throughout their lives.

Vernon is the perfect city for all ages and activities. The staff of NexGen Vernon pride themselves on their community involvement, including the local Chamber of Commerce, Vernon’s ambassador program and other community groups.

Bea Jackson

Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner & Owner

Bea began her career in long-term care. She continued onto counselling after completing years of education and transitioning into her own counselling practice. Bea began working in the hearing industry in 2004 for Okanagan Hearing Clinic as an audiometric technician, she assisted Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Practitioners with instructing clients on how to use their hearing aids. She was also responsible for performing hearing screenings, ear mold impressions for noise protection and swim plugs, and she developed community services in Vernon.

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Bea always had a passion of caring for people and realized her passion for the hearing industry and desired to understand more about hearing loss and improving the lives of people. She completed the Audiologist’s Assistant program through Nova South-Eastern University and then continued onto the International Institute for Hearing Instrument Studies for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences in conjunction with Grant McEwan University in Edmonton. She was licensed and registered in 2008.After 2 years, Bea earned the National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. She feels very blessed to have had a very successful first year in business as the owner of NexGen Hearing Clinic in Vernon, as well as serving the community of Lumby at the Bloom Wellness Centre.

Carolyn Megli

Audiometric Technician

Carolyn Megli is NexGen Hearing Vernon’s only audiometric technician. The majority of her career has had a focus on customer service- with the last 5 years being in the hearing industry. Carolyn enjoys all aspects working with people, especially helping to improve their lives. Going out and serving the community of Vernon is a specialty of Carolyn’s, one that she enjoys greatly. She is very happy to be working for NexGen and especially working with long time family friends Bea and Brietana.​

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201 – 5100 Anderson Way
Vernon, BC V1T 9V2

Phone: 778.475.4007 Fax: 778.475.4006
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Closed: Monday-Friday 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

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Client Reviews

From the time I walked in the front door until the time I left I was treated with dignity and respect. The front desk staff were knowledgeable and very helpful. Bea, the audiologist was super informative and explained everything as we went through the process. While I don't have a hearing issue right now I have purchased custom ear protection to prevent my hearing from deteriorating. When I returned to pick up my products I was given a demonstration on how to use the products as well as how to clean them. I also had to do a return demonstration to make sure I understood how they worked. The entire staff is amazing and I would recommend Nexgen 100% to anyone looking for hearing aides or ear protection.
19:55 15 Jun 17
The professionalism, courtesy and friendliness extended to me during last week's hearing test was impressive.The general attitude with each staff member in the office seems filled with positive energy.Although this learning experience taught me more awareness of my shortcomings I look forward with confidence, trust and conviction toward solution with Nexgen.
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris
19:43 31 Jul 17
I am so very grateful for Bea and her team. I am hearing things i have never heard in my life. Like the ticking of a clock, the air conditioning coming through the vents, the noise that leaves make when you step on them, and the sounds in the forest when I take a walk. This has been a very emotional experience for me. Bea and her team have not once laughed at me for any of the silly things that amaze me when I hear them for the first time. Thank you Bea and team for being there for me. We are going to have such a wonderful adventure together.
Gloria George
Gloria George
00:45 04 May 17
After a year of unsatisfactory treatment, I followed Bea to her new Company from her previous employer because the service was deplorable and demeaning. Further examination, found that I was deaf in one ear with limited hearing in the other. A solution was found to enhance what hearing I did have. From the start, I have felt that Bea and Carolyn have gone above and beyond to ensure that i am comfortable with adjustments or any new equipment. My hearing is not perfect with hearing assists, but it is as good as can be expected, thanks to Bea.Sincerely, Madge H.
Madge Haycock
Madge Haycock
10:14 14 Oct 16
Really appreciate the beautiful office that Nex Gen has created. Bea took care of my needs for making me hearing protection! When I see someone this passionate about their work, it makes me want to tell others (: Thanks Bea
Anthony Berdan
Anthony Berdan
03:56 26 Aug 16