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    *Exclusions to free hearing tests include: pediatric hearing tests, employment requirement testing and specialized testing requirements.

Vernon Hearing Clinic

The Vernon Hearing Clinic is a full service and full-time hearing aid and hearing health centre. We pride ourselves on helping our clients who might be experiencing tinnitus, muffled hearing or possible hearing loss. There are many types of hearing loss including sensorineural, conductive or even a mixture of these conditions. A hearing test at Vernon NexGen Hearing can determine the nature and degree of your hearing loss. We offer free hearing tests, a 21 day no-money down trial, 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee and will price match any valid competitor quote or advertised price on the same make and model of hearing instrument. You can expect us to deliver the highest level of professional hearing aid care at every level. We build strong relationships and gain trust with our clients. We encourage family members to take part in their loved one’s journey to better hearing. At Vernon Hearing Center we are delighted to be a part of this vibrant community, and look forward to meeting you!

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Other Hearing Device Styles to Explore

IIC: Invisible In Canal

Invisible in the Canal or IIC hearing aids are a great option for many people who suffer mild to moderate hearing loss. IIC hearing aids give you a custom fit deeper in the ear canal, with a sleek, discreet profile that is not visible to others. If you have concerns about the ‘appearance’ and ‘perception’ of wearing a hearing aid, IIC is an effective solution. IIC hearing aids provide efficient sound.

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MC: Mini-canal

Custom built hearing aid style suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss, only slightly larger than the CIC design.
Equipped with directional microphones, this aid is the highest performer (in the #10 battery segment) in moderate to high background noise situations. These aids use the smallest battery available. Remote control and Bluetooth connectivity options available from most manufacturers.

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CIC: Completely In Canal

If you are looking for a low-profile hearing but can’t use an IIC hearing aid due to moderate to severe hearing loss, Completely in Canal or CIC hearing aids may be the right option for you. While you may be considering other, more visible hearing aids, CIC hearing aids offer comparable sound quality and amplification ranging from moderate hearing loss to severe hearing loss.

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Meet Your Local Hearing Professionals

Sarah Simmons

Carlee Johnson


Carlee Johnson graduated from the Hearing Aid Practitioner program Grant MacEwan College and worked for a wonderful hearing aid clinic in Edmonton for over 13 years. Carlee has been involved in different capacities within the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta, and had the privilege of sitting as an item-writer for the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS) where she was the sole Canadian on the team helping develop examination questions.

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Sarah Simmons

Carolyn Megli


Carolyn Megli is NexGen Hearing Vernon’s only audiometric technician. The majority of her career has had a focus on customer service- with the last 5 years being in the hearing industry. Carolyn enjoys all aspects working with people, especially helping to improve their lives. Going out and serving the community of Vernon is a specialty of Carolyn’s, one that she enjoys greatly.​

Our Services

Free Hearing Test

If you have concerns about hearing loss, the best firststep you can take is to get a hearing test. At NexGen Hearing, BC’s leader in hearing health, we provide free hearing checks. Our hearing tests include several measurements to assess type of hearing loss as well as the degree of severity. One of our BC-registered audiologists or clinicians will go through the test results with you, addressing (or ruling out) medically treatable causes of hearing loss as well as the rest of the findings with regard to the nature and extent of your hearing loss. They will also discuss hearing aids with you, including which style hearing aid would best suit your hearing loss and goals. (*exclusions exist, please check with us)

Hearing Aid Consultation

If you believe you are starting to experience hearing loss or degradation, we can help. For many people, hearing aids are a great way to correct untreated hearing loss and get back to a high quality of life. Whether you currently use hearing aids or have never had a hearing test, the expert audiologists at NexGen Hearing are here to guide you. We will meet with you, give you a free no-obligation hearing check and discuss your options. If it is determined that you need hearing aids, we will help you choose the most suitable option for your hearing loss, hearing goals, and budget. Book your free, no-obligation hearing check and hearing aid consultation at the NexGen Hearing today!

Hearing Aid Service & Repair

Even if you take good care of your hearing aids, odds are every now and again you will need to get them serviced and repaired. Let the expert audiologists and technicians at NexGen Hearing take care of your hearing aid repairs. In many cases, hearing aid repairs are covered by manufacturer warranty and come at no cost to you. In the event your hearing aids are no longer covered by a warranty, we will provide an up front estimate before we begin any work. If you believe your hearing aids need repair or servicing, book an appointment at your nearest NexGen Hearing clinic. We will discuss your hearing aid repair options and get them back to like new.

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What Causes Hearing Loss?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids in Vernon

What type of hearing aid warranty is offered?
Almost every hearing aid comes with some form of warranty, but at NexGen Hearing we offer a 3-year, all-inclusive manufacturer’s warranty, and 3-year all-inclusive loss and damage insurance.

There is also a 3-year supply of batteries included with your hearing aid purchase.

Additionally, NexGen Hearing provides the following services:

  • Hearing aid accessory kit
  • Follow-up evaluations and assessments
  • Unlimited cleaning, re-programming and adjustments
  • Communications counseling and advice as needed
  • Loaner hearing aids if we need to send yours out for repair (as available)
Are hearing aids eligible for insurance coverage?
Many hearing aids will qualify for some level of insurance coverage, but it is advisable to check with your insurance company and hearing health professional to make sure you are choosing a device that is fully covered by your insurance. If it is not, you may still qualify for other hearing assistance programs. Your NexGen hearing health professional can discuss the details of these programs with you.
Is financing available for hearing aids?
Some hearing devices are not fully covered by all insurances, so it is important to find a professional that can offer you a finance program that allows you to hear now, and pay for the device on a weekly or monthly basis.

NexGen Hearing is one of the first hearing aid retailers to offer a leasing program, and we’re delighted to provide a complete range of hearing aid styles and technology levels within this program.

We also offer in-house financing options, so make sure to discuss this with your clinician if you are interested in this program.

Is there an adjustment period for hearing aids?
Hearing sounds at a near-normal volume again – after an extended period of untreated hearing loss – can cause sounds to seem loud at first.
Your brain will quickly adjust, however, and the initial shock will fade as you continue to use the devices.

If you find that, as time goes on, the feeling of ‘awkwardness’ or ‘something just isn’t quite right’ persists, NexGen is here to offer continued support. Your audiologist can give you more information specific to your case.

How do I maintain my hearing aid(s)?
Maintaining hearing aids is quite simple. Your audiologist at NexGen can give specific instructions for your specific hearing aid. Typically, a maintenance kit will be recommended that will remove moisture and earwax, and any excess can be wiped away with a clean gentle cloth.

Regular cleaning is highly recommended. If you’re able to make hearing aid cleaning a part of your daily routine, it’s possible to extend the life of hearing aid by years.

Like any other investment, hearing aids well do better over time with a little TLC, something that goes a long way.

Vernon Client Reviews

Trev Somerville
Trev Somerville
23:17 13 Mar 21
The most amazing poeple i have met here in Vernon. I am in hospital and my batteries were dead. The owner of the company personally drop some off for me. That is above and beyond service. She really cares about her clients. thanks you so much.
Dona Wright
Dona Wright
20:15 20 Oct 20
What a great experience my husband and I had, and continue to have, with Nexgen in Vernon. Carlee, Carolyn and Rochelle were wonderful, both professionally and personally. We were both provided with hearing aids that totally addressed our hearing needs. As well, we were provided with financing that worked with our budget. Not only that, but we were offered different accessories according to our preferences. Whenever an issue has arisen it has been dealt with quickly and resolved. We highly recommend Nexgen in Vernon BC.
Ashley Sorochka
Ashley Sorochka
16:12 02 May 19
Rochelle and the team at NexGen Vernon is amazing:)!
Larry Verigin
Larry Verigin
00:54 07 Feb 19
Superb best ever recomend them absolutely the best
michael loerchner
michael loerchner
20:51 11 Oct 18
The best place in Vernon thank you for your time and help
Jamie Hess
Jamie Hess
17:18 26 Sep 18
I cannot say enough good things about Nexgen Vernon. Every single person that works there is exceptional, and makes me feel like part of the family. From being greeted by name, to the knowledge and professionalism that I get every time I come in, this business deserves recognition. Dealing with hearing loss at a young age is difficult, but these ladies make it so much easier. Their customer service is unmatched, and I am truly thankful that I found them.
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris
19:43 31 Jul 17
The professionalism, courtesy and friendliness extended to me during last week's hearing test was impressive.The general attitude with each staff member in the office seems filled with positive energy.Although this learning experience taught me more awareness of my shortcomings I look forward with confidence, trust and conviction toward solution with Nexgen.
19:55 15 Jun 17
From the time I walked in the front door until the time I left I was treated with dignity and respect. The front desk staff were knowledgeable and very helpful. Bea, the audiologist was super informative and explained everything as we went through the process. While I don't have a hearing issue right now I have purchased custom ear protection to prevent my hearing from deteriorating. When I returned to pick up my products I was given a demonstration on how to use the products as well as how to clean them. I also had to do a return demonstration to make sure I understood how they worked. The entire staff is amazing and I would recommend Nexgen 100% to anyone looking for hearing aides or ear protection.
Gloria George
Gloria George
00:45 04 May 17
I am so very grateful for Bea and her team. I am hearing things i have never heard in my life. Like the ticking of a clock, the air conditioning coming through the vents, the noise that leaves make when you step on them, and the sounds in the forest when I take a walk. This has been a very emotional experience for me. Bea and her team have not once laughed at me for any of the silly things that amaze me when I hear them for the first time. Thank you Bea and team for being there for me. We are going to have such a wonderful adventure together.
Madge Haycock
Madge Haycock
10:14 14 Oct 16
After a year of unsatisfactory treatment, I followed Bea to her new Company from her previous employer because the service was deplorable and demeaning. Further examination, found that I was deaf in one ear with limited hearing in the other. A solution was found to enhance what hearing I did have. From the start, I have felt that Bea and Carolyn have gone above and beyond to ensure that i am comfortable with adjustments or any new equipment. My hearing is not perfect with hearing assists, but it is as good as can be expected, thanks to Bea.Sincerely, Madge H.
Anthony Berdan
Anthony Berdan
03:56 26 Aug 16
Really appreciate the beautiful office that Nex Gen has created. Bea took care of my needs for making me hearing protection! When I see someone this passionate about their work, it makes me want to tell others (: Thanks Bea
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