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The Surrey Guildford Hearing Clinic is a full service and full-time hearing aid and hearing health centre. We pride ourselves on helping our clients who might be experiencing tinnitus, muffled hearing or possible hearing loss. There are many types of hearing loss including sensorineural, conductive or even a mixture of these conditions. A hearing test at Surrey Guildford NexGen Hearing can determine the nature and degree of your hearing loss. We offer free hearing tests, a 21 day no-money down trial, 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee and will price match any valid competitor quote or advertised price on the same make and model of hearing instrument. You can expect us to deliver the highest level of professional hearing aid care at every level. We build strong relationships and gain trust with our clients. We encourage family members to take part in their loved one’s journey to better hearing. At Surrey Guildford Hearing Center we are delighted to be a part of this vibrant community, and look forward to meeting you!

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*Exclusions to free hearing tests include: pediatric hearing tests, employment requirement testing and specialized testing requirements. 

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Oksana Melnichuk

Oksana Melnichuk


After completing her Hearing Instrument Specialist Advanced Diploma at George Brown College in Toronto, Oksana has enjoyed helping people with their hearing needs. She decided to move to the beautiful province of BC after being offered a job with NexGen Hearing. 

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Oksana is passionate about working together with people in the community to assess and provide care to help improve their quality of life. Her greatest satisfaction as a Hearing Instrument Practitioner is being able to directly help those who are suffering from the consequences of hearing loss and seeing them regain their lives. Seeing people being able to communicate with the ones they love most is the fulfilling part of her job.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids in Surrey

How often should I have my hearing tested?

Hearing loss impacts everyone differently and can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons. Age-related hearing loss occurs due to changes in the structure of your inner ear although changes can also occur in your middle ear. As such, the National Campaign for Better Hearing recommends a baseline hearing test at 60 years of age, although a baseline hearing test is recommended to serve as a reference point at any age.

After your initial baseline hearing test, if you are 60 years or older, you should have your hearing tested on an annual basis. You can have your hearing tested for free at the Surrey Guildford Hearing Clinic. Schedule your free hearing test with us today.

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

Here, at the NexGen Hearing Center in Surrey Guildford, we help you every step of the way in deciding if a hearing aid is best for you. We will conduct a free hearing test to determine if you currently have hearing loss. Once the hearing test has been completed, we will help you ascertain how much your hearing loss (if any) is affecting your daily life and/or activities. If you can’t hear as well as you could in the past several aspects of your life could be impacted. Hearing loss can gradually increase without us even realizing, which lends weight to the idea of consistently having your hearing checked.

Our Surrey Guildford audiologists are experienced in treating a variety of levels of hearing loss and their effects. Don’t go another day wondering if your hearing could be improved. Let our experts help you improve your hearing to its highest levels.

What style of hearing aid should I wear?

There are many factors that determine the style of hearing aid that’s right for you, including but not limited to factors such as your degree of hearing loss, size and shape of your ear and ear canal, and any special features that are required.

Your NexGen Hearing audiologist can recommend an appropriate style of hearing aid for you, get in touch today!

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aid prices vary from several hundred dollars up to a few thousand, and it all depends on the advancement of the technology used in each device. Affordable hearing aids as well as more expensive options come with different features. You can think of hearing aids as coming in levels of “gold, silver, or bronze.” If your listening needs are simple, it just might be that even the most basic hearing aid is enough for you. If your life is more active and you find yourself wanting to hear better in more active and noisy listening environments, then a more sophisticated level of hearing aids features will give you more benefit. NexGen Hearing also offers financing options to help you with an affordable option to improve your hearing. Learn more about our lease to hear financing and other hearing aid financing options.

I have hearing loss in both ears, is it necessary to wear two hearing aids?

There are a number of advantages of using two hearing aids instead of only one. The primary benefits are the more natural listening experience, better directional hearing, and the increased ability to separate voices from noise. Using two hearing aids will maximize their effect, and give you the best experience possible when using hearing aids.

Surrey Guildford Client Reviews

Kevin Watkins
Kevin Watkins
18:22 30 Mar 21
Friendly, Clean, quick service....what more could you ask for?Very good!
Zawjatu Y
Zawjatu Y
04:27 25 Mar 21
Helpful and friendly.
Sean Adshade
Sean Adshade
17:09 12 Feb 21
I've had my hearing protection for over a month now, and I'm beyond satisfied, borderline ecstatic with the difference it makes. I'm a carpenter and there's just a plethora of brutal noises that I get exposed to. I've wanted some custom earplugs since I started in the trade but they always seemed too expensive, however the gang over at Nexgen Guilford got my plugs moulded and delivered in what seemed like no time at all, and for a very affordable price!Oksana, the owner is knowledgeable and friendly, and the secretary Trish is helpful and kind.Would I recommend this clinic? Of course! I've already convinced my coworkers!
tonyo otog
tonyo otog
02:38 20 Jan 21
Oksana, the owner, she the best compare others. She takes time to answer all my questions. And when you contact them, it did not takes too long to wait. The receptionists were very professional and friendly.
Melody Puccini
Melody Puccini
23:48 28 Jul 20
I was blown away by the level of care and expertise that this team puts into their work. The owner will put you at ease and take her time to talk you through every part of the process. My pair of custom earplugs have worked so well and given me the best sleep I've had in years! Although nobody ever wishes to have hearing loss, if I did I would absolutely trust this location to take care of me. Great customer service!
05:54 08 Mar 20
They helped me and fixed for free when Connect Hearing on King George failed, said non-reparable, and suggested to buy new set. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff ?
Arlet Amer
Arlet Amer
03:33 03 Sep 19
Free SCV
Free SCV
19:09 30 Nov 17
Great place for my ear plugs! I got ones blocking my garbage truck's engine noise but can still hear people and the radio. Tyvm Guys! =)120 for kick ass ear plugs is totally worth it to me. Custom fit for my ears and got to pick from 20-30 colours.
Trevor Terry
Trevor Terry
05:01 21 Nov 17
Ear plugs for construction workers and those dealing with loud noises can be bought here.Custom fit with molds made for 100 bucks per pair. Takes about a week to get them in a couple dozen available colours.They can also do hearing tests for patients as well! 🙂
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Types of Hearing Loss

There are multiple types of hearing loss that include sensorineural, conductive, and at times a mixture of these. A hearing test at Surrey Guildford Hearing Clinic can determine the type and degree of hearing loss you or your loved one may be experiencing. A hearing loss between 16-25 dB is considered to be minimal — similar to plugging your ears very gently with your fingers. The next level is Mild Hearing Loss (26-40dB) which can result in missing the ends of some words, and at times missing some shorter words altogether. It can be a challenge to clearly hear speech when there’s any significant background noise with this condition, and hearing aids are often advised for this. Moderate Hearing Loss (41-55 dB) can make phone calls problematic and cause up to a 50% reduction in one’s ability to clearly understand speech from outside a 5-foot radius. This degree of hearing loss often causes feelings of isolation and disconnection from those around you. If your hearing loss is more significant than any of these, you could have a Severe or even Profound degree of hearing loss. Either of these can lead to lifestyle concerns that are serious. In addition to all of the aforementioned, many individuals struggle with High-Frequency Hearing Loss (1500Hz-8000Hz). With this condition, speech and most other sounds will seem loud enough, but speech will be unclear because the missing high frequencies are an essential ingredient of what makes speech intelligible. Background noise will only contribute to the problem and make it worse. But fortunately there are recent designs of hearing aids, including open fit and receiver-in-the-canal, which are very useful for High-Frequency Loss. These designs permit the lower frequency sounds to find their way into the ear canal as they normally would, while enhancing and amplifying the higher frequency sounds to aid with speech clarity.

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