Device Appearance

The Lyric 3, manufactured by Phonak, is a unique hearing aid, and the only other hearing aids that are directly comparable are the first two generations of Lyric models before it. It is a self-contained hearing aid placed well inside the ear canal by a Lyric certified professional. One of the most noticeable things about the Lyric Hearing aid — it is 100% undetectable from outside the ear canal; a desirable option for those who are sensitive to the visibility of traditional hearing aids or want to participate in active sports without thinking about their hearing device.

Sound Notes

The device produces analog sound quality by using the anatomy of the ear to amplify, localize sound and provide a natural listening experience. The Lyric is worn at all times supplying continuous stimulation to the auditory system and brain, with quicker sound adaption compared to traditional devices worn over shorter durations.

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RIC: Receiver In Canal

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ITC: In The Canal

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Pros and Cons

Lyric is an ideal solution for those with mild to serve hearing loss, dexterity or visual challenges, or those who cannot maintain standard hearing aids. It does not require any maintenance, battery replacement or any special treatment by the user. These hearing aids are purchased on a subscription basis and can only be removed/replaced by a specially trained hearing professional. Most health issues that arise such as discomfort and moisture accumulation can be resolved from a 1-7 day break. Not everyone is a good candidate for the extended wear hearing device, ask one of our NexGen Hearing Lyric certified providers to determine if this solution is right for you.


The engineering and materials have been built to withstand the challenging conditions of the ear canal. The proprietary battery is tiny yet powerful enough to last anywhere from 3-4 months. When the battery runs out the entire device is removed and replaced by your specially trained hearing care professional.